Dedicated to the well being of youth and children

In 1953, Morris Stulsaft established a foundation dedicated to the well-being of Bay Area children and youth in need. Born in Europe in the late 19th century, Morris Stulsaft arrived in San Francisco, California as a young boy. He made his fortune in real estate development, completing projects throughout the Bay Area. The Board of Directors has traditionally included both family members and community members, and it has a history of active involvement in grant making and deep commitment to the needs of children and youth.

Electronic record keeping of the foundation’s archives (which started in 1995) means that we can now look back and celebrate the fact that from 1995-2015, 2,450 grants were made totaling nearly $25 million to youth-serving organizations throughout the Bay Area. Please read the foundation's grantmaking priorities to learn about our current focus areas and guidelines.

If there is anyone around in later years to study the history of this time and of this place, they will know...that there were many here who with youth in their souls and courage in their hearts, tried to be educators of the young and of their peers. They will know that some of us knew we had a chance, and that having a chance, we tried. They will know that we were part of the continuity of history and that we did not turn away from the opportunity to make a difference.

—Yori Wada, Morris Stulsaft Foundation Board member 1985–1997